Area 51, Why All the Secrecy

This is one of the most mysterious locations on planet earth. What is it? Area 51 is a top secret military base located in the Nevada Desert near Nellis Air Force Base. It is so secretive, that the US military refused to even acknowledge its existence until 14 July 2003. Even then, they issued a vague press release alluding to a “operating location” of the US Air force located near Groom Lake.

Curiously there is in existence a strictly enforced   no-fly zone that exists above the area of the base. Attempts to fly over the area, even with MILITARY planes, will be met quickly and swiftly with menacing aircraft and land vehicles.

Attempts to access the base by land meet with the same shadowy figures, from unknown origin. Any attempt to drive close to the base, reportedly will quickly be met with black-ops type helicopter flyovers and strange military personnel who look like no military personnel anyone is familiar with

The base does not even exist (theoretically), and is not marked on govt maps for the area. Reportedly, but not yet confirmed are reports that even satellite maps for the area, including those by Google Earth, purposefully omit this base, its airport facilities. It basically does not exist, but yet there is definitely a base there.

Purportedly the base is used for highly classified weapons research, including chemical and biological weapons. The military aircraft being researched at the base are so secretive, so futuristic, that short glimpses and flyovers from flying aircraft from the base have frequently been described as alien spaceships by local curiosity seekers who happened to glimpse them . Of course the military denies all of this.

Access to the area is severely restricted to the point of public lands surrounding the base rumored to have motion detectors and cameras. Security guards with black SUVs and jeeps quickly approach anyone even pointing a camera at the base area, even from public lands. Journalists and curious citizens who have been escorted away from nearby lands report visits from FBI agents soon afterwards. Strange? You bet.

Area 51 Archives on Tor

http://u3dqz36dcvhwd7kv.onion is the onionland or Tor onion domain location of The Area 51 archives. This site is a huge underground repository of information that has been gleaned through various sources on area 51 and contains many formerly classified govt documents relating to Area 51. Many of the information directly relating to the base has been “redacted” before its release to the public, which basically means BLACKED OUT.