How to Access the Hidden Wiki

Ok let’s get started on how to access the Deep web, so that we may be able to possibly find a way to access our site of choice (The Hidden Wiki).

First you are going to need to download a browser that is enabled for Tor. What is Tor? Tor is an acronym for “The Onion Network”. Originally this was a project developed by the US Navy, and it has been rumored that it was used for transmission of Top-Secret US Government intelligence data. This may have been data that was collected by agents involved in missions sent to other countries undercover. Of course we are talking about spies here, but let us get back on topic.

The Onion Network, (or Tor) is basically a network of computer users around the world who interlink their computers and, in so doing, give each other anonymity and protect each other from prying eyes. This interlaced network of shared computers is weaved together in layers, kind of like an Onion. This is thought to be how Tor got its name (The Onion Network).

Anyways you need a Tor enabled browser in order to be able to access the Deep Web. You can actually go to a website, at the following url:  

That url is the download page for the main browser which is compatible with Firefox. This is the recommended browser for Tor. is the home website of the group of people who originally wrote this piece of software, and they also have a forum located on the site if you have any questions.

Download the software from this url:

The download will look like this before you click on the download button at that url.

Once you download the software, you must of course install the Tor browser. Normally these types of files are executable files. (.exe files) and you simply execute (double click on the downloaded file) the file and allow it to install itself on your computer. Remember to see where the file is located. . Once the installation is complete, simply navigate to the location on your computer where the Tor browser has installed itself (the folder) and click on the icon that looks like the image below:


Normally once this Onion Icon is clicked you will immediately open up your Vidalia Control Panel, it looks like this and the network Status should say “loading Network Status

tor instructions

Then, after the connection is finished completing itself your Vidalia Browser screen should Say Connected to The Tor Network, and it should look like this

hidden wiki

Once the Vidalia Control panel is opened, and the Blue “Loading Network Status” reaches loading status, Firefox will open a new window that says “ Congratulations Your Browser is Configured for Tor

access hidden wiki

Congratulations, Now that was not so bad was it? You have now entered the unchartered underground called The Deep Web. Most new surfers are so intimidated by this whole process and think that it will be so difficult or scary and take so long that it will take weeks to get in. That didn't take you too long now, did it?

But wait. You are not actually inside yet. You are just ready to go inside. We will stay by your side until you are past the guard gates. Let us take the next step and actually go inside the Deep Web and take a look around. Let us see if we can find this site called “the Hidden Wiki”.

Let’s go to the Hidden Wiki Now!
Ok now look up in the address bar of the Tor browser for Firefox. Enter this address in the address bar : http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/

Now click “return” or “enter” on your keyboard and you should be taken to a site that looks like this:


This site is Called “Tor Library “, and it contains links to many of the famous sites on the Deep Web. Now scroll down and look to the left . See the link called “Hidden Wiki??”. That’s it, that is the one we want. Ok now click on that. Remember, when browsing on Tor, it sometimes takes a lot longer than standard browsers on the surface web. So please be patient.