The Hidden Wiki

We all know of the dark underground world of drug dealing, arm dealing and other criminal activities offline. What most of us don't know is that the same world exists online. Deep down underground beneath the internet we all have access to is another vast internet world known as the Deep Web or the Deepnet, Undernet, Invisible Net, The Hidden Wiki and The Onion Network.

This underground internet world is in front of us but hidden. It lurks in the background. It is the unseen internet world. Most internet users have no idea that it even exist. Those who know hardly talk about it.

New underground market - exposed on the "hidden internet"
By Channel 4

The dark web - the internet's secret black market

The Deep Web

The deep web is an enormous part of the World Wide Web not accessible through regular search engines, as most of the information in the dark web is hidden on dynamic websites and not accessible through regular online search queries.

The global and powerful nature of the internet has enabled this enormous criminal domain to thrive in the dark web. This secretive online world remains untraceable and very hard to access for the regular internet surfers and even the authorities.

The global network of internet users in control believes law enforcement agencies should not regulate internet use. They benefit from the anonymity of the internet, which makes them feel safer and more secure online than in the physical world since there are less risks involved.

The deep dark web and particularly the most famous website of underworld, Hidden Wiki, are the internet's secret black market where criminal and illegal activities thrive. It consists of a vast network of secret websites where illegal transactions such as drug dealing, weapons dealing and other illegal activities take place unnoticed. This online black market has all kinds of dangerous transactions including drugs, fake passports, weapons and more.

If you have doubts, just check the official videos about the Dark Internet and Hidden Wiki at the begining of this page.

In front of you is the first ever guide written about the Hidden Wiki. It contains all the information you desire to find out and more. It is your complete guide to navigating the deep web safely, finding everything you want to find and all the while remaining anonymous. In this guide, we take your hand and guide you step by step as you explore this hidden internet world. We will ensure you are safe and nobody finds out who you are.

Warning! No one knows more about your surfing and downloading habits that your ISP. Your Internet Service Providers can see every site you visit, every page you view, and every file you download, and this situation can't be changed only by using proxy. What's worse, Internet Service Providers know exactly who you are and often keep logs for substantial periods of time and the worst of all is that they can share this information with anybody! This includes government or any commercial organisation! There is only one way to avoid spying on you, encrypt everything with military level encryption! Learn more...


Deep down underground, beneath the caverns of the often trodden streets of the internet we all know, there is another internet. This place is not often talked about, but you can be sure that many people know about it. There is a vast repository of information that exists on secret highways, which normal people do not talk about. Is it dangerous? You bet it is. But that is part of its allure and intrigue. What am I talking about? I am talking about an underground railroad of internet highways that is so hidden, that it sometimes disappears for days at a time. Find a website that you like one minute, and the next minute it is gone, like a mirage in the desert. Learn more

What is the Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is one of the best sites you can access on the hidden web. It is chock full of hundreds even thousands of links that will take you directly to some of the most interesting sites in the underground. There are so many classifications and categories of site links on this site, that it will literally leave your head spinning. You have hit the “mother load” once you have accessed this GEM of a site.
If you pay close attention and stick with us, we will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about how to access not only Hidden Wiki, but other famous and helpful interesting sites in the shadowy world known as the Deep Web. You will go on a journey that will literally change your life. You will see places you never thought existed. Learn more

How to access the Hidden Wiki

Ok let’s get started on how to access the Deep web, so that we may be able to possibly find a way to access our site of Choice (The Hidden Wiki).

First, you are going to need to download a browser that is enabled for Tor. What is Tor? Tor is an acronym for “The Onion Network”. Originally this was a project developed by the US Navy, and it has been rumored that it was used for transmission of Top-Secret US Government intelligence data.

Now let's get to the main topic and speak about accessing Hidden Wiki detailed instructions: Learn more

Exploring the Hidden Wiki - What is inside

Now that we have FINALLY gotten to our destination of choice, “the Hidden Wiki”, let’s take a look around, and see what this site has to offer.

The first thing you will notice is that there is such a wide variety of choice that your head begins to spin. Where do we begin? Where do we go? What should we click on and what should we not click on? Learn more

How safe is browsing Darknet

So, now that you are here browsing the deep web, you have made the choice to dive in, There are a few precautions you should take. First, you should disable JavaScript and cookies on your browser .Why? There are some very sophisticated computer users in the deep web. They make the virus writers and worm guys on the surface web look like obnoxious children, by comparison. By disabling these two features you will add a much tighter level of security to your browsing experience. Learn more

How to remain anonymous - Always watch your back

Tor is a magical browsing piece of software. However it does have a few limitations and you should keep these in mind. Tor is primarily focused on protection of data being transported. You also should use protocol-specific software (support software) to ensure sites you are visiting do not see your identifying info. You can use Torbutton while browsing to hold certain information about the configuration of your computer. Learn more

Virtual currency, types, methods of use

One of the most difficult and challenging situations that most surfers online encounter, including those browsing the Deep Web, is making financial transactions while attempting to maintain anonymity. This challenge can be anywhere from somewhat difficult to impossible if you use traditional payment methods. Using a credit card? No good, too much information to track you with. PayPal? A little bit better but still loads of personal information that could potentially be accessed by prying eyes.

The latest craze in anonymous financial transactions is called Bitcoins. Learn more

Deep Web, so many sites, How can you decide what to enter

There are literally thousands of sites listed on here, but do not just go and click on any link without finding about the exact type of site you are going to. You will find sites on hit-men, where guns for hire will do your dirty work for you. Normally this will be mentioned in the link.

Not what you are looking for? There are sites for hackers, for gun running, for identity theft and for selling “hot” merchandise (not the type that comes with a receipt from a store). Most of the sites are a curiosity, to most surfers and they and we often cannot believe that sites like this actually exist.Learn more

Dangerous site list. A guide

Ok now that we are here and we have heard some warnings lets get down to the nitty gritty and find out what exactly exists in the Hidden Wiki. What types of sites are there that are too hot to touch? The type of sites that even experienced browsers think twice before entering. Learn more

How to get your own .onion domain up and running

We will quickly go over a few points though just to clarify. Lets start with .onion domains. Basically what a .onion domain is, is it is a pseudo top level domain which is used for anonymous surfing on the Deep Web via the Tor network. The .onion domain is a 16-character alpha semi-numeric-hash These are not domains that are part of the ICANN registry and you cannot go out and buy one at a typical domain registrar such as Godaddy, even if you wanted to. Learn more

Remaining anonymous with your .onion - Important tips

Remember that no software, no anonymization method is totally secure. Nothing is totally secure. Keep that in mind. Also remember that no matter where you go online, and especially if you are browsing “Onionland” (as Tor Onion sites are commonly known) there will be someone, somewhere, for some reason many times unknown to YOU, who wants to spy on your whereabouts. This person or agency will be curious as to where you have been browsing, what sites you have visited, and what you did at those sites. Think this is exaggeration? Learn more

What you can do with your .onion domain

Now that you have finally figured out how to get onto the underground web, and explored around all of the forbidden places, and you have also learned how to get your own .onion domain up and running, the next question might be what can you do with a .onion domain? Do you really want to put up your own site on the Deep Web? We have compiled some interesting suggestions that you might want to take a look at. Learn more

Tor, politics and governments

The Onion network, and especially its secrecy, is a great lure to government groups. Nations, no matter where they reside on our planet, like to keep government information private, and away from the hands of some of its citizens. This is why most government databases are not available on the surface web. These government agencies do not just want to allow anyone that desires to view the information to be able to access government information. Learn more

Political activism on the Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki has a very nice section devoted exclusively to political activists. This category is called Political Advocacy, and it has some excellent sections devoted to political dissidents in many countries around the world. Why is this important? Oppressive governments exist everywhere around the world. Some are communist (such as China) and some are guised under the mask of Islam (such as some Middle Eastern Countries. Regardless of the style of government, these oppressive regimes exist, and thrive through the control of information. Learn more

Wikileaks and Whistleblowing, who is protected, who is not

Unless you have been living on another planet the last 3 years, you probably know about the site called “Wikileaks”. Wikileaks is a "non profit" organization which was launched in 2006 by a person named Julian Assange. This organization specializes in publishing sensational classified government documents. These secret documents, news leaks, and accounts from whistle-blowers are often so shocking and detailed, that they publicly embarrass government officials, ambassadors, presidents, and other high ranking officials. Within only one year of launching, the Wikileaks website claimed to possess over 1 million documents. Learn more

Does Tor protect whistleblowers?

Wikileaks' existence would, of course, not be possible without the help of networks like Tor and the underground tunnels that we have all begun exploring, thanks to this eBook. There are those that would argue that sites like Wikileaks are a menace to society. At the same time there are others who would argue that the possibility of sites like Wikileaks to exist is a critical aspect of maintaining freedom of speech and free forms of government around the world. After all who is watching the governments around the world? Who is policing the politicians?
Who is watching the police? Learn more

Drug dealers and drug lords. Why do they choose Tor and Hidden Wiki?

Buying drugs (illegal ones) has always been a risky proposition, no matter where the buyer chooses to look for his illicit merchandise. In the old days, teenage kids with their hats reversed shuffled side to side on street corners waving down cars, while their lookouts made sure nobody who looks like law enforcement came anywhere close. Those days are in the past. In the current cyber marketing economy, especially with the existence of surfing anonymously and safely by Tor, risk of detection by authorities has been cut to almost nothing. What type of sites on the hidden web sell drugs? What type of drugs do they sell? Learn more

"Dirty Sites" and Tor

First of all, let us define what the term “dirty sites” means. “Dirty sites” refers to sites selling either merchandise or services that the general public, in fact even some people with other “illegal” sites would deem distasteful, or downright dangerous. Many people want nothing to do with these types of sites, and rightly so. These sites would include sites that advertise hiring people to take care of dispose of other persons who you deem not worthy. In other words hiring hit-men. Also this classification of site would include sites that deal in stolen identities or stolen credit cards, or other blatantly stolen merchandise. These sites would also include sites that include merchandise that is banned in many countries. Now of course all of these types of sites usually exist in their own realm and have their own lists of fans and customers who know where they are located. Learn more

Stolen goods superstores

We do not condone the sale of illegal merchandise, nor do we wish to encourage you to go to websites on the Onion Network that sell these goods. However, given that these types of sites do exist, we will discuss them in a little bit of detail in this chapter in order to make sure that our discussion of the Deep Web and Hidden Wiki is accurate. Learn more

What is the Silk Road?

What is The Silk Road? This is a website located deep within the bowels of the Deep Web that has become so popular that its name has almost become synonymous with the underground highway. This site, while it sells various items from user to user, has become infamous mainly for its reputation as a cheap fast way to buy illegal drugs. Learn more

Arm Sales - The good, The bad and The ugly

When exploring the deep dark passageways of Undernet, you are bound to come across some sinister sites, which nobody talks about. Why? These sites deal with weapon, ammunition, and military hardware. Some of the sites deal just in stolen handguns. These are supposedly untraceable. Serial numbers filed off? You bet. Where did the guns originate from? Could have come from someone’s home, and one night they disappeared. Who took them? How are they sold? Learn more

Police and the government. Are they watching you on Tor?

As we have always tried to stress on this website, Tor provides a certain amount of anonymity in the Deep Web. However it is not foolproof and it certainly not 100% secure. Just always keep that in mind. Just because the inventors of Tor were geniuses and managed to find a way to keep 99% of the people from being able to trace you, remember that governments around the world have lots of money with which they can hire these same types of genius programmers. So, in effect, you are always trying to keep one to two steps ahead of the people who are trying to track you. There are several methods that you can employ in order to make your browsing of the Deep Web more secure, or should we say, the safest you can make it. Learn more

Financial transactions and the Hidden Wiki

Conducting transfers of money or currency in the Deep Web is one of the most pressing concerns for those who want to sell or buy items in this underground world. The need for secrecy is of utmost importance, and since financial transactions are one of the easiest ways to track people online whereabouts, surfing history, and identity, this can be a daunting problem. The preferred method of choice of payment in this hidden world seems to have evolved in the last 10 years to be a currency that we have discussed before, called Bitcoins. The beauty of these bitcoins is that, even though they can be purchased initially with credit cards, once they are used, the identity of the user, regardless if the person is a seller or a buyer, is totally untraceable. There are services like: Anonymous Internet Banking, Bitcoin Laundry Service, Instacard. Learn more

Tor Link Directory (Library) - The details

The Tor Library or as it is sometimes called (Link Directory) is a large site that has become very popular on the Deep Web in the last several years. It has a huge repository of sites listed there, any site you can imagine, but what distinguishes this directory from many other Tor directories is that it seems to go out of its way to avoid some of the most controversial sites. These sites do not seem to be listed in the directory and the only conclusion we have come to is that this is the purpose of this directory. A clean Tor directory full of useful sites that exist on Tor, and that you would not be embarrassed to tell someone you visited. Learn more

Quickly locating sites on the Deep Web

Once new users download the Tor Browser as outlined in a previous chapter locating websites on the Deep Web should not be that difficult. Of course remember that saying “should not be”. That is important because the Deep Web is a sometimes confusing, always intriguing and oftentimes dangerous place to spend your time. After you have downloaded the Tor browser and gotten it to log into this underground playground, the question is what do you do next? This is only our recommendation and it is a suggestion that comes from much research and 100s of hours surfing DarkWeb by ourselves. The first thing to stress is do not be in a hurry. Do not get all excited and rush around clicking every link you see. Learn more

Recommended search engines for Deep Web/Tor network

Finding a good search Engine for many of the Tor (onion domains) sites is like trying to find a single fish in the ocean (or so it seems.) The mysterious and many times disorganized underground world that this eBook describes operates in secrecy and they do not want to make it easier for new surfers especially, to find their way around inside. We have searched around and found a few good ones, but believe us when we say this search is not easy, much like any other task on the Deep Web. Here is a list: Learn more

Protect yourself on Tor. Learn how to keep yourself clean

Next on the list of questions you may have is, what can you do you do make sure you avoid stepping into dangerous websites or going down the wrong dark alley when you are on the Deep Web? Good question. Learn more

How does Tor benefit society. Or does it?

As we have discussed several times previously, though not at length, there are many uses of the deep web that serve beneficial purposes to society and people in general. We have discussed the main topic in this area, and that topic would have to be political. It is a well known fact that oppressive governments control their citizens through the use of controlling access to news and information. The ability to share information among citizens is a great benefit, in a free society, and when this ability to share information is taken away, freedom quickly disappears, and bad things happen.When citizens tire of their government and want to install a new form of government or protest, the first and most important thing they have to do is communicate with each other. Of course, when the government becomes aware of this, one of the first things they normally do is immediately try to cut off access to radio, or tv, cell phones and internet. Internet access is a tricky thing and typically an easy way to block internet access for citizens is by blocking certain websites, or blocking access to certain IP addresses. Learn more

Human trafficking - A tale of misery

One of the unfortunate side effects of having 99% secure anonymous browsing like Tor on the Deep Web, is the underworld that thrives there. As we have mentioned before, this world is inhabited by all sorts of unsavory characters. This world often can sometimes attract characters who are involved in the trade called “human trafficking”. What is human trafficking? and how is it linked to Hidden Wiki? Learn more

Drug cartels. How they exploit Tor

Communication among the criminals is a must, and in order to avoid detection by government authorities, many of them will stop at nothing, and spare no expense. Cell phones, if they are used, are risky, and easy to detect by authorities who can monitor conversations via cell towers and tracking devices. Even expensive satellite phones are used by drones or mules tracking drugs through the desert sometimes. Do these cartels use Tor to conduct their activities? Learn more

How to disappear - Fake ID is just the beginning

Disappearing is something that most of us never think about. Why would someone want to completely disappear and never be found. Well there could be many reasons. Perhaps the person is a criminal or he has done something wrong and fears that the authorities are closing in on him.. Perhaps the person is overwhelmed with family responsibilities and wants to run away and start a new life without worrying about being found.  There are many possible reasons, but whatever the reason, the act of disappearing and not being found again, can be a daunting task. Perhaps some of these escape artists might want to use Tor to help accomplish their goal. Learn more

Government security, military security, govt. cover-ups?

How can governments around the world avoid scrutiny by their citizens. We all know that governments love to operate in secrecy. They like to give their citizens only what information they deem necessary. Open meetings and open access to govt documents is just a fantasy in many countries around the world, even in countries that claim to have open democratic governments. Learn more

Area 51. Why all the secrecy?

This is one of the most mysterious locations on planet earth. What is it? Area 51 is a top secret military base located in the Nevada Desert near Nellis Air Force Base. It is so secretive, that the US military refused to even acknowledge its existence until 14 July 2003. Even then, they issued a vague press release alluding to a “operating location” of the US Air force located near Groom Lake. Curiously there is in existence a strictly enforced  no-fly zone that exists above the area of the base. Attempts to fly over the area, even with MILITARY planes, will be met quickly and swiftly with menacing aircraft and land vehicles. Can you imagine that there are some archives on this secret base on Tor? Learn more

Biological and chemical weapons on Tor?

The use of biological weapons for military purposes has increased in frequency, within the last several decades, among countries around the world. What types of weapons are we talking about here? Learn more

Interesting Links – .onion and Surface Web

Here is a most comprefensive list of interesting and IMPORTANT websites of HIDDEN INTERNET... Learn more


Always watch your back. Tor is not just inhabited by criminals, but that element does exist there and you have to protect yourself at all times. Know who you are dealing with. Talk to others who have used the system. If your friends who know their way around recommend a site for you, great take that recommendation. Just remember you are in a super secret world where the average surfer you encounter is MUCH more sophisticated than those on the surface web. Every step you take could be a trap. Or it could be an enjoyable site that will fascinate you. That is the intrigue of the Deep Web. Sharks are waiting around every corner to devour you. It is up to you to not get eaten. Learn more