Stolen Goods Superstores

First of all, let us preface this chapter by saying that this eBook is for informational purposes to help guide users like you through the Deep Web safely. We are not here to endorse websites in particular, however we do have one favorite we have talked about which is “the Hidden Wiki”.

We do not condone the sale of illegal merchandise, nor do we wish to encourage you to go to websites on the Onion Network that sell these goods.

However, given that these types of sites do exist, we will discuss them in a little bit of detail in this chapter in order to make sure that our discussion of the Deep Web is accurate.

How do sites selling stolen goods exist in the underground highway? Well for one thing they come and located themselves on Tor networks primarily for the anonymity it provides. What type of stolen goods do these sites have available? Well just about any item you can think of, that people would want to buy for a cheap price, it is available

SOMEWHERE in some website. Some of the most popular stolen goods relate to items that can be turned for quick cash. This might be something as simple as stolen credit cards (or card numbers) or also actually selling the identity of persons so that people can open bank accounts and credit cards in their name? There are also sites which sell in stolen automobiles, (though this is not as popular since these are much more difficult to sell anonymously because of VIN numbers) as well as just about anything else you can imagine.

Electronics merchandise such as smart phones, is also a hot item, easy to sell and difficult to trace. Other small electronic devices such as Laptop computers, Ipads, are also hot items. Think of what you would see in a pawn shop. Think of items that are small and easy to sell. Gold jewelry is also popular along with other precious gems. Diamonds are a market all unto themselves and there are sites which specialize in either stolen diamonds or diamonds which come from suspect sources.

With any type of stolen merchandise, these sellers do not like to take chances with payment. That is why many times they will deal only with people they have done business with before. Also they are, of course, very hesitant to deal with strangers because they never know who could be law enforcement.

Stolen goods is a much more shadowy world than even normal websites you encounter on the Deep Web. Most directory sites refuse to list these types of sites, so finding them is an effort all unto itself. Most sites are extremely secretive, many layers of secrecy beyond the normal Deep Web sites. Some sites if you do not know a secret password or signal, or you do not know someone who is already a trusted member, they will not let you into the site.

Our recommendation is of course to avoid these sites completely. We cannot choose your browsing patterns though. Just be aware if you decide to enter a site like this, law enforcement might be hiding around the corner. You take your chances, just as with anything in life.