Tor Link Directory(Library) - The Details


The Tor Library or as it is sometimes called (Link Directory) is a large site that has become very popular on the Deep Web in the last several years. It has a huge repository of sites listed there, any site you can imagine, but what distinguishes this directory from many other Tor directories is that it seems to go out of its way to avoid some of the most controversial sites. These sites do not seem to be listed in the directory and the only conclusion we have come to is that this is the purpose of this directory. A clean Tor directory full of useful sites that exist on Tor, and that you would not be embarrassed to tell someone you visited. Also, hopefully, by visiting many of the sites in this directory, you will not have to worry that you accidentally strayed into dangerous unchartered waters, where merely being at the site itself, could get you into trouble with the authorities.

Here is a screenshot of a glance at the site, (which we briefly touched on earlier in our eBook.

One thing you notice immediately is that the categories do not contain the typical categories of some of the more popular guides in the Deep Web. You do not see links to hired assassins and gun runners, links to how to assume fake identities, links for selling stolen credit cards, none of those links seem to be on the site.

What you do see are links to sites that deal in such topic topics as “Art”, Cooking, Cryptography, Forensics, gardening, Physics, Religion, Robotics, etc.

Obviously there might be some topics in the list that we did not click on, or that we did not view that might be way more controversial than these topics. For example we did see one called “False Flag Terrorism”. However, our assumption is that even with more “controversial” topics like the one we just mentioned, we think that this site went out of its way to protect its browsers and users. The more controversial topics still would be nothing near the type of illegal topics linking to sites which are set up to intentionally harm people.

For this goal, and we think that The Tor Library seems to have achieved this goal, we commend the website. It helps to dispel the notion that the Deep Web or Darknet is all bad, that it is inhabited only by thieves and criminals and drug dealers.

It is nice to know that when surfing around on the underground highway, this site has gone out of its way to help you be more safe on your journey. If you click on sites linked out of the Tor Library you can be somewhat assured that you are linking to a safe site, since they have already checked the site out. This is of paramount importance when surfing the Deep Web. Do not just wander around and click on link after link after link like you do on the surface web.

This is a dangerous practice that would sometimes get you into more trouble than you knew what to do with. Always watch your back, only click on sites when you know what the site is, or you have navigated there from a known safezone such as the Tor Library. It will make your browsing experience with Tor much more enjoyable and most important, much more secure.