Virtual Currency, Its Types, Methods of Use

One of the most difficult and challenging situations that most surfers online encounter, including those browsing the Deep Web, is making financial transactions while attempting to maintain anonymity. This challenge can be anywhere from somewhat difficult to impossible if you use traditional payment methods. Using a credit card? No good, too much information to track you with. PayPal? A little bit better but still loads of personal information that could potentially be accessed by prying eyes.

The latest craze in anonymous financial transactions is called Bitcoins.

What are bitcoins?

The explanation of how bitcoins are actually manufactured, and the specific details behind it are, to say the least, somewhat confusing, especially to the non technically minded person. Suffice it to say that bitcoins are a “Virtual Currency” that is totally untraceable. There is no personal information attached to bitcoins. You are merely paying for a product or service with computer generated piece of data, that really exists only in cyberspace. A team of scientists developed this system whereby software continually runs on computers and generates these “Bitcoins” . There is only a limited number of them available, and they are completely safe to use to make purchases with no worries of privacy violations or exposing personal data.

The next question is, you say, ok these are safe, Great. Now where do I get Bitcoins?

Ok first let us start surfing around the surface web, and we can find bitcoins this way. There are a number of helpful websites we can start with. or
either one of these websites will let you know if there are bitcoiners in your local area.

You can purchase physical bitcoins at

or you may buy them with a credit card at

What can you do with your bitcoins?

Not all surfers stay in the Deep Web constantly of course. But did you know you can use Bitcoins to purchase goods or services at many surface websites? This is a great way for many surfers to maintain online security with financial transactions and not have to worry about their credit card details being compromised, or other personal information. Bitcoins are truly becoming the newest wave of anonymity online for buyers and sellers. is a place you can check out many bitcoins related services is bitcoins largest online auction house is a travel site that strictly uses bitcoins for payment navigator site with many bitcoins locations in your area Turn Bitcoins into gift cards for Amazon, Itunes etc